Darryl Brooks

While strolling royal street late one night we past the oneill gallery, we were so taken by the painting of the woman dresses in purple that hung behind the desk but in full view of the display window, that we had to return to the gallery the next day to get a price, once there we had a chance in encounter with peter , with beer in hand we chatted for 15-20 minutes about Detroit ( our home city) then said our goodbyes. Upon our return to Detroit my wife was so taken by the painting it was all she talked about for the next two weeks, so with her birthday looming i decided to call Martha at the gallery and have her send me that painting, ohh dahling has been the center piece of our family room ever since and we have returned to new orleans on two other occasions to buy another 3 paintings. Every time we have a new guest to the house they comment on the great artwork in that room
Thanks Peter,
Darryl c Brooks