Art on Display

  • Richard Moore

    Peter, Noelle, Martha, Robert, and Ashley: I can’t tell you how blessed I feel seeing this every morning and it just fits the wall perfectly. Not done by any means. I’m eventually paneling the entire room and adding some beautiful fleur de lis ornaments for each corner of this wall, so give it time. However,…

  • Raymond Molden

    The Finishing Touch (original) and Elusive Beauty (giclee) greet visitors to my home and add a touch of sophistication as currently they hang in my reading room just to the left of my front door and (currently) above my 3 sons’ train table (4 year old twins and 2 year old younger brother.

  • Jason and Amber Reinholz

    Just wanted to share our photo of some Peter Oneill art we have hanging in our home here in fl. We have combined it with my father in laws military patches and badges he had. We fell in love with Peters art when we visited St. Augustine over 5 years ago. We make sure we…

  • Stacey & Ray Mayernik

    We were some of Peters first customers when he had a small gallery in the back of a gift shop in St. Augustine. These paintings are dear to us as they remind us of our children enjoying their youth on the shores of Florida.