Art on Display

  • Maureen DeSimone

    Dirty martini: my first O’Neill print, that I brought home from the gallery in Charleston. After the ball: My first O’Neill painting from the gallery in Charleston. More to follow.  

  • Marcy Cross

    This beautiful lady grabbed my attention in New Orleans. She very forcefully insisted that I bring her home with me.  We have been very happy together ever since.

  • Dale Gallucci

  • Kara Moore


  • Cynthia Preston

    Secret Inhibitions & Scarlet

  • Roy & Darlene Souza

    I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoy having them hanging on our walls. These are from our “Mancave” and they really set the mood in our lower level hideaway. We purchased all 3 from your store in St Augustine. Thanks to all the team for all you do for the art…

  • Darryl Brooks

    While strolling royal street late one night we past the oneill gallery, we were so taken by the painting of the woman dresses in purple that hung behind the desk but in full view of the display window, that we had to return to the gallery the next day to get a price, once there…

  • Judith & AJ Terlouw

    It took us 7 years before my husband and I found art that we both love! During our trip to the US we walked passed your gallery on Royal street and  we both stopped and stared at all the beautiful pieces… We bought a small glicee and after getting back in the Netherlands we decided…

  • Frank Wike

    Well this is hands down my favorite, and I love moving it around from time to time. You are inspiring, and bring a smile to my face every time I see a new piece. The colors, textures, mood, I adore it all. Your such a talent, wish only the best for you.

  • tronaiv

    This is my very first Peter O’Neill original painting. I first met Peter at a little café on St George St. in St Augustine FL through my dad who had a shop on St George St. It was on a Sunday & we had just come from Mass & we went there to have breakfast…