Inspirational words from artist Peter O’Neill

17 years ago next month I began a journey on a greyhound bus out of New York port authority on 42nd and 8th Ave. my spirit and my will to live had been broken the previous year. Yet know I was determined not only to win back the respect of those close to me. But of myself. I had failed to make good choices in life and now here I sat after 36 years with the result. Zero. I had nothing.

Nothing except a god given talent which had yet to be developed, heading to saint Augustine where I knew no one.
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  • My mother and father were about forty miles from there.
  • It was my dads idea to try saint Augustine. My mom at this point would still not talk to me.
  • I had failed at what they admired most. To be a good father and a good husband.


17 years later, thru many trials and tribulations I am opening my fourth gallery. My son and I are as close as can be. Thru my experience I was able to help turn his life around. Both mom and dad have passed but my hard work payed off with their respect and love. two-petes
So please stop telling your self you can’t or listening to the naysayers. Anything is possible if your willing to put in the time effort. It’s a long road with many challenges. People will put walls in your way. Figure out how to go around them or break thru them if need be.
17 years. Sounds like an eternity yet if feels as if only yesterday when I got off the bus with 250.00 and a drive to build a life I could be proud of.
Thanks to all who supported me along the way for without you I couldn’t have achieved a thing.
Follow your dreams. Make then a reality. If I can do it with a high school diploma anyone can. Yes anyone.