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Peter O’Neill Gallery Opens in Key West

Dear Friends & Family,

It is with so much excitement that we announce we have officially opened the doors to the newest Peter O’Neill Gallery!!

Peter’s 4th gallery can now be found at
423 Duval St in Key West!

Key West has been home to some of the worlds most talented artistic minds: Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney- to name a few. It goes without saying that Peter will fit right in to this artistic community!

20 years ago, it was only in Peter’s wildest dreams that he would own 4 galleries! Today, with his perseverance, your support, and NO corporate backing, he is one of the most accomplished artists of our time!

When you visit our Key West gallery, you will find 5¬†other artists sharing the walls with artist Peter O’Neill. Throughout Peter’s 20 years, he has met some great talents and he is overjoyed to offer some of them space on his new walls. We are proud to be displaying the work of:
Charles Dickinson
Craig Tracy
Jim Pennington
Sean Friloux
Jack Hill

We hope you all find yourselves in the Keys sometime soon and stop in to say hi!

If not, feel free to visit our Online Art Gallery, Peter’s Giclee Store, and our Litho Shoppe!

All of us at the Peter O’Neill Gallery